Sally Gives a Talk at a York School

The start of 2016 has been very interesting here at Redmove HQ!

Our Lettings Manager Sally visited her local Primary School to chat to Class 1 all about her job here at Redmove.  Keeping 26, 5/6 year olds interested is quite a challenge! There was a little bit of Guess Who, where the children had to guess what Sally’s job was, the suggestions ranged from an Actress to a Photographer!  Finally a clever little boy called Max, guessed Estate Agent when he saw our great big “For Sale” sign.  We think the camera threw them off track!

Sally then continued to explain how she values a property for the rental market in York.  The kids thought it was hilarious that part of her job was to make sure a house didn’t look like somewhere that “FUNGUS the BOGEYMAN” would love to rent.  She went on to explain presenting a property in its best light will get you the most rent.  The kids also had some interesting rental figures in their heads suggesting a 2 bedroom house should cost between £10 and £5000 per month!

Finally question time the bit Sally was most concerned about, but need not have worried!  Some great questions were asked, for example; how long had Sally been valuing houses in York, which is now almost 15 years! One little boy asked “Are you scared when you meet lots of new people every day?” which was a very interesting question.  When you are 5, it must seem strange that for a job, you go into stranger’s houses for a chat every day.  Sally assured him though that it was great to chat to all sorts of interesting people and hear their different stories, related to the houses.  Even a ghost story!!!  At the end of the session though we had a great response, as about half the kids would now like to be the Letting Agents of the future!

For anyone looking to sell or buy a property in York or have a professional lettings service look after their property rental investment, then contact the helpful team at Redmove on (01904) 488444.

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