• 12/03/15

    How to become a landlord in York

    One of the secrets to being a landlord in York and enjoying long-term rental property investment success is to keep your costs…

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  • 06/03/15

    The Redmove guide on buying a home in York – Pt 6

    For anyone buying a home in York the process will eventually come to completion and it will be time to move –…

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  • 26/02/15

    The legal checks EVERY landlord in York must comply with

    With increasing numbers of people preparing to invest in the UK’s buy to let sector not every landlord in York will be…

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  • 19/02/15

    The Redmove guide to buying a home in York – Pt 5

    You’ve had an offer for your new home accepted but what happens next before you actually take possession of it. This is…

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  • 12/02/15

    What is the York Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance?

    The Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance is an effective way for those with rental properties in York and elsewhere to reduce their tax…

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  • 05/02/15

    The Redmove guide on buying a home in York – Pt 4

    Making an offer for your dream home is fraught with problems and stress. You can put in a high offer to clinch…

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