Josh has work experience at Redmove HQ

This week we’ve had the pleasure of having Josh Robinson from Archbishop Holgate’s school with us on work experience at Redmove HQ.

It’s the first time we’ve had a student on work experience at Redmove and we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed it. Josh has brought something new to the office, he’s come up with some great ideas and kept us in check, he’s even brought us some really good luck – we’ve been selling and letting houses like hot cakes!

We’ve tried not to give him the usual coffee and tea making jobs (much) and really given him an insight into the work of a busy estate and lettings agency. The diary below which Josh has written shows some of the things he’s been up to.

Monday 17th march

It was my first day in the Redmove office, I had been given a lift in to the office by Sally Male, who is the new lettings manager for Redmove. Once I had got in to the office I was introduced to all of the staff, Michael, Yvette, Debbie and Sarah.

After this I was introduced to lettings by Sally and she told me how the process works to let a house out. Then I was asked to make a spreadsheet of lettings information.

Tuesday 18th March

On my second day I had to get the bus because it was Sally’s day off. I arrived in the office at 8:50 where I started to update the key sheets. At 10.00am I went out on a viewing with Michael in Murton and we showed 4 people around the house. After this we came back to the office and I stated to fill in my spreadsheet of lettings information. Then I started on updating the key sheets again and did some market research.

Wednesday 19th March

It was my third day in the office and I had to fill in all of the landlords names and addresses and did some more market research and updated the spreadsheet and did all the little bits and bobs I had to do.

Thursday 20th March

On Thursday I went out on a check in with Sally in Huntington where we checked a women in who was going to rent the property and was very excited and was really enthusiastic about the property. Then I went out with Yvette to put a house on the market in Acomb and we did the floor plan of the building and took pictures of the property and tried to make the pictures as nice as possible.

Friday  21st March

it was Friday my last day of that week I went with Yvette to a valuation in Huntington then we went to remortgage valuation in Riccall and then we came back here and I updated the key cupboard.


“Overall I have really enjoyed my first week at my work experience placement and practising how to make a cold cup of coffee.” Josh Robinson.

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