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  • 18/12/14

    Subletting: a dangerous (and potentially costly) situation for York landlords

    As if being a landlord is not problematic enough, York landlords are also facing a growing and expensive problem in having their…

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  • 11/12/14

    Invest in the York buy to let property sector

    Investors looking to boost their income are still choosing to invest in the York buy to let property sector since this is…

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  • 03/12/14

    Renovation tips to help sell your home in York

    Those small jobs you’ve been putting off may mean the difference between a quick sale and having your home on the market…

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  • 26/11/14

    Investing in property? Why protecting a tenant’s deposit is crucial

    For many people the potential profits that can be made from investing in property, particularly in York, are very attractive and such…

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  • 20/11/14

    Buying a home in York – the Redmove guide on why York is tops!

    The demand for buying a home in York is high with lots of buyers wanting to move to this popular city but why…

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  • 12/11/14

    Boost profits by being a good landlord in York

    There are several ways in which a buy to let property investor can boost their profits or yield but the easiest way…

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