Is your house a bit of a pigsty?

Is your house a bit of a pigsty? Well, one house for sale in Ipswich certainly is… which I’m sure has left potential buyers a little disgruntled!

Imagine being shown round a property only to see an actual live pig getting cosy in the living room!

Once the estate agents realised there was a pig with its face getting comfy on the couch, it quickly removed it, but not before it was seen by people property searching!

One person who saw these images was Neil Collins, who took to twitter saying:“Delightful property for sale in Ipswich. Not sure if the pig is included in the asking price.” 

Now, I’m not surprised that this house hasn’t been snapped-up yet, but life definitely wouldn’t be a boar with a pig as a house-pet!

Have a read of this story for yourself here:

Anyway, this has got me thinking that in business you have to have an eye for detail as little mistakes (or big, snorting ones) can really cost you! 

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