Plans for a Successful Sale

Our research has shown that buyers overwhelmingly prefer floorplans on property details in addition to the usual description and written dimensions. There are several good reasons behind this preference, which is why we always feature floorplans on our particulars:

Firstly, where several properties are competing for a buyer’s attention, the particulars that include a floorplan always make an immediate impression. The layout of a property is a major consideration when choosing a new home, and cannot adequately be described by words and room sizes alone. It is the relationship between the rooms in a property that can make the difference between a comfortable and attractive home and a purely functional one. This relationship is enhanced by our use of 3D floorplans in many instances.

People make buying decisions on how a property “feels” as much as they consider its size. Several smaller rooms are often more practical than one impressively large one, particularly when there is a family to consider. Only floorplans can accurately relay how the accommodation actually “works” in practice, illustrating how it could complement the needs of a buyer.

Conversely, in instances where a floorplan alerts a purchaser to a blatantly unsuitable property, fruitless viewings can be avoided. This helps to improve the ratio of viewings that actually become sales, saving a great deal of time and frustration.

We also have examples of buyers having bought a property that might have otherwise appeared unsuitable, but the floorplan helped them to visualise adaptability in the accommodation that encouraged them to view.

Floorplans suggest an open approach to property marketing. No longer do buyers have to translate euphemistic “agent-speak”. After all, part of your agent’s job is to match the right buyer to the right property without recourse to flowery misdescription, saving everyone time, and reducing the stress of moving home.

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