The Redmove guide on buying a home in York – Pt 3

This is the third part of the Redmove buying a home in York and this guide will help find the property that’s right for you, whether it’s new build or traditional.


Buying a home in York – Redmove estate agents will show you the steps

For anyone buying a property in York there are a number of considerations that need to be dealt with first such as deciding on how many bedrooms and bathrooms that your property in York needs.

Essentially, you will need to put together a ‘wish list’ of your wants and needs in a new property and then check the local properties that are on sale to see if the homes match the list and are in your price range.

It may mean that the desire for a four-bedroom property may turn into a three-bedroom compromise to meet your budget or if you only use two bedrooms but are hoping for three then is the extra expense really worth it?

Selling and buying a home in York with Redmove

This Redmove guide to buying a home will help steer you through this tricky part of home buying and it’s vital that anyone looking for a property tells the estate agent exactly what type of property they are looking for and their ‘wish list’ areas they may be willing to compromise on.

It’s also crucial that the estate agent appreciates which type of properties you are definitely not interested in and it would help if you have the mortgage agreed in principle from a lender before beginning your search.

When it comes to buying property in York, as with every other town and city in the UK, you will need to do some research to find which areas are suitable for your needs if you don’t already know the city.

Here at Redmove, our team of helpful experts will be willing to share their experience and expertise in helping you decide which areas in York are suitable for your property move.

What to look for when buying a home

There are also other important criteria before deciding on the property itself and that is whether you need a good school nearby, good public transport links and other amenities and to find the property within your price range.

If you’d like to know how the schools perform in York, then you can visit the Department for Education website or you could read this previous Redmove article that details of all you need to know about the best areas in York for good schools.

Having such an exhaustive list is no bad thing because it will then eliminate the properties that you definitely do not want.

It’s also at the beginning of the search that potential buyers should really consider whether they would buy a new build property; there’s no doubt that these are growing in popularity and bring with them many benefits.

Why buy a new build property?

The first, and possibly most important point for many buyers, is that no one has lived in a new build property before and so it’s essentially a blank canvas on which to express your own personality, tastes and choices.

In addition, all new build homes that are built with developers registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC) will offer a 10 year warranty on their property, though other developers will also offer similar guarantees.

As we’ve said, because no one has lived there previously the developer or builder will have decorated to a minimum standard so the property is effectively ready to move into. There will also be, and this could be vital for many people, no repairs necessary after moving in.

It’s also worthwhile pointing out at this point that if you really would like a new build property in York that it is possible to choose a property ‘off-plan’ – that is before it’s been built, and get to choose the design and adding any extras or options that the builder will be offering.

By doing this, you will effectively be building your ‘dream home’.

New build or established property?


New build properties in York have lots of advantages

There are many reasons for choosing new build over an established property but it’s also worth bearing in mind that they will also be much more energy efficient than traditional homes. On average, a new build is six times more efficient which means it much cheaper to keep warm in winter.

There are also no waiting periods for a detailed survey to be undertaken because the builder’s guarantee will effectively provide cover against any unforeseen or unexpected problems with the property itself.

In addition, there will not be a chain of buyers and sellers which makes the entire home buying process a lot simpler, certainly less stressful and a lot quicker.

Many developers also offer potential buyers are part exchange deal on their current home so you won’t have to worry about selling it beforehand.

Should you decide that a traditional property is for you, many professionals in the sector will recommend that buyers arrange to view several properties in one-day rather than over a period of time because if there is a property they like then they can bid on it and improve their chances of actually buying it before someone else does.

When to view properties

It may also be a good idea to arrange viewings of a property on a weekday because there are few people wanting to do this which means that viewings at the weekend can be short because others are coming for their appointment.

The next most important tip when buying a property in York is to take along a camera. A camera phone is just as good and you should take as many pictures as you can because they will offer a better perspective than those taken by an estate agent. It’s also a good way to prompt your memory of the property you have visited.

The next most important thing to consider is the potential of a property and don’t just be limited by what is being presented to you.

For instance, will the property be enhanced by the addition of a conservatory or can an extra bedroom be created with an integral garage or a study?

An internal viewing is not just a quick tour of a property and a potential buyer should really be carrying out an in-depth inspection.

This means you should be aware of fresh paintwork or wallpaper which may be covering a problem such as damp. Indeed, ask to see a damp course guarantee.

Questions to ask when viewing a property

question-mark-452707_1280Buyers should also ask how long a property has been on the market and why the sellers have decided to move.

One TV homebuying expert, Sarah Beeny, says that homebuyers should not be shy when they are looking around a potential purchase and that they should check everything works as it should – for instance, that the hot water system is functional and effective.

She also points out that if there’s more than one bathroom in the property then the hot water system for this needs more than just one combination boiler to supply everything. She says that buyers should switch the shower on and check that the pressure is strong enough.

Mind you, another TV home buying expert also encourages buyers to visit the neighbourhood at night to see if it’s different than what they saw during daylight hours.

However, one good idea from the TV pundits is that if you find a property you really like in an area then before you set your heart on buying it you should undertake a commute to work from that area. If the journey takes much longer, is this a price you are willing to pay to live in your dream home?

Here at Redmove, York’s leading estate agents, we look forward to being on that journey with you.

Parts 4 and 5 of this ‘Redmove guide to buying property in York’ will cover negotiating the price and explaining the contract stage and then offering a ‘stress free’ guide on moving home.

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