The Redmove guide on buying a home in York – Pt 6

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Redmove estate agents – every little helps when it comes to moving home!

For anyone buying a home in York the process will eventually come to completion and it will be time to move – supposedly one of life’s most stressful events but this Redmove guide will help you move with the minimum of fuss.

There’s no doubt that for many people the complicated and time-consuming process of buying a new home is stressful enough but for many the process of actually moving in is far worse!

The real secret to moving home without the stress is to prepare thoroughly beforehand and if you can move over more than one day then this will help.

As York’s award-winning estate agent, we hope this Redmove article will highlight what you need to do – and flag up some of those questions you should have asked the seller while you had the chance!

Buying a home in York – our tips for a smooth home move:

This particular tip cannot be recommended enough; find a removal firm that someone else will recommend. Either ask friends or family or your estate agent.

If no one can recommend a firm, then check with the British Association of Removers and they will have a list of members who are obliged to abide by a code of conduct.

You should then try to get two or three quotes and ensure they can help you move on the day you specify.

Alternatively, you may decide to rent a van and move your belongings with a couple of friends though be aware that the process will probably take much longer than you anticipate.

This is obviously a cheaper option but it may also mean a lot more work for yourself.

It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean the new home before you actually move into it or even carry out some redecorating or carpet cleaning.

Cleaning is key when buying a home in York

It might even be a good idea to get a specialist cleaning firm in first to ensure the job is done thoroughly and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Remember too that this advice will also be relevant for a new property since it will still have builders’ dust and various building remnants such as packaging lying around.

When it comes to the actual move, it might be a good idea to avoid Fridays and Mondays when the traffic is busiest on our roads and opt for midweek or a Saturday. (Removal firms are generally busier on Fridays too so are likely to charge more).

The removals firm will have strong cardboard boxes to help the move and it will save time by packing most of your belongings into boxes in the run-up to your moving day.

Again this is a tip that many people overlook but if you organise yourself properly then you should label a box on the side and on the top for what’s inside it and which room it is to be placed in.

Be organised and your move will be smooth

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Remember to mark your boxes when moving home

Not marking a box means you will have no idea what is inside when it is put in the new home – this can be a very frustrating problem to resolve.

It’s also a good idea to bag up any bits of furniture or bolts and screws that have been used from furniture in a bag and mark it accurately – and then put it somewhere where it can be found easily.

Don’t forget too that is a great opportunity to ‘de-clutter’ your life and throw out or recycle the things you do not want.

Before actually moving in you should redirect your post with Royal Mail to ensure you don’t miss any vital items though this also protects you from the growing problem of identity theft.

Another good idea before moving is to look into the possibility of switching fuel suppliers and find better deal for the new home. You may end up saving hundreds of £££s every year by doing so!

It’s also vital that you read the meters in your home before leaving and on the first day of moving into your new property (this will also help ensure that you are not being billed for the previous owner’s fuel bill).

Questions to ask a home seller:

As mentioned previously, there are always questions that you wished you had asked the seller before they moved out and if you haven’t done so during the buying process then think about these:

  • When is bin day?
  • Where are the electric and gas meters?
  • Where is the stopcock for the water?
  • Who supplies the phone and broadband?
  • Who supplies the energy currently?
  • Where is the thermostat for the heating system?
  • Do I need any special cleaning products for any surfaces, especially the wooden floors?

These are just the basic questions and would probably come up in a conversation with the property seller though it might be worth asking about where the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen came from, for example. Ask if they have any spares lying around in case a tile gets damaged.

If there are any electrical items being left by the vendor, ask if they are still under warranty and if they have any instruction manuals to go with them.

When it comes to the move itself then a removal firm will probably want to move the furniture in first otherwise you will need to keep moving boxes around to make room for the furniture.

And don’t forget you should have some lightbulbs to hand in case it gets dark while you’re still unpacking and then realise that the previous owner has removed the bulbs leaving you unable to see.

Once you have unpacked and put all of your belongings where they need to be there are still things to do!

To do list after you move in

For instance, you will need to ensure you have the proper contents insurance in place for your new address and you will need to register with a new doctor’s surgery.

After you have moved in, it’s a good idea to get registered properly on the electoral roll which will help prove you live at your new address.

Talking of addresses you will also have to begin the laborious process of informing everyone – friends, family, banks, building societies, insurance companies, pension companies, credit cards, TV license, DVLA, utilities and many more that you have moved home.

Also, don’t forget to tell your employer your new address!

If you don’t know the previous owner’s new address then return any mail, unopened, to the sender and write on the envelope ‘not at this address’.

Once settled in it is time to relax – you have worked and fretted for months for this moment so now is the time to enjoy your new home.

The Redmove guide to buying property in York is now complete and if you have found the series interesting or entertaining and have tips to help others then please let us know! The guide will be available to download as ebook shortly.

Redmove is York’s leading letting agent and award-winning estate agent and we have staff keen to help people buy and sell their properties in York – if you would like to know how we can help you, then please contact our friendly and professional team on (01904) 488 444.

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