Selling a home in York – tips from Redmove to seal a deal!

Redmove sell properties in York

When it comes to selling property in York – estate agents Redmove enjoy success

It’s that time of year when the property market begins to pick up once again so if you are selling a home in York and want the best price and a quick sale, then follow these Redmove tips for selling success.

It’s a fact of life that when it comes to selling a property, some homes will sell more quickly than others.

That’s not always down to the higher demand from buyers but also because the seller may have taken some extra steps to attract purchasers.

The most important tip when it comes to selling a home is to ensure that it is clean, clutter free and tidy.

Indeed, this is often a good time for people to declutter their lives with a view to moving on – this will also make the process of packing and moving home much easier.

Selling a home in York – the Redmove guide

If you do not want to throw out your belongings then put them into storage or give them to a friend to look after.

This process is important because it allows a potential buyer to see the property as if they were already living there. Essentially, the potential homebuyer is looking for a blank canvas which they won’t see if you have too much stuff in the living space.

However, decluttering is something of a fine balance to achieve; you don’t want to overdo it so it looks as if no one lives there so you will need to have some personality remaining.

If you have used some clever ideas on how to use space remember these will also give some homebuyers an idea of how they can utilise the same space.

It’s imperative that the property looks good from the outside so consider carrying out any repairs or decoration that needs doing. Remember that first impressions count!

Carry out repairs and redecoration

This also extends to improving the garden which can be done at relatively low cost – and mowing the lawn is essential.

It’s also surprising what a fresh coat of paint can do in a property, though remember to choose a neutral colour which will make the property appear bigger and lighter.

Again, this will also create the canvas impression so potential buyers can see the potential for their own creations.

It should also go without saying that any broken tiles or doorknobs should be repaired or replaced, and be aware that threadbare or torn carpets are also off-putting and should also be replaced.

Those who regularly buy and sell properties would also recommend that the property is polished until it sparkles – repair grout, remove any mould in the bathroom as well as limescale and be aware of any odours that need to be tackled.

Bad smells in the home will put buyers off

This last point really should be emphasised because bad smells will put off a prospective homebuyer. Don’t just cover up an odour – you will have to fix it so whether it means washing bins or cleaning drains, then you must do this.

Some people will also consider having a survey done of their property so that they are aware of any potential problems and then take steps to fix the issues. This can then be used to attract buyers because the home’s condition is demonstrably good.

Other successful house sellers also put together an information pack which will detail local amenities, schools and transport links and they will also take good quality photographs of their property – particularly of its best features.

Among the advice from people who buy and sell properties on behalf of clients is that they will try out their sales pitch on family friends so that they have something to say when showing people around a property.

Learn how to sell a property and it will effectively sell itself, is their message.

Finding homes for sale in York and their prices

The next step for successfully and quickly selling a home in York is to decide on a realistic asking price. This can be done by researching what properties in the area sell for and use that as a target price.

It’s also important to decide what is included in the sale price, so make a list of the fittings and fixtures so buyers understand early and clearly what they are paying for.

The next most important tip for selling a property comes when someone makes an offer.

If you are fortunate enough to have several buyers offer bids, then do not simply choose the one who is making the highest offer.

It’s crucial that to sell a house you choose someone who is going to see the process through – this means opting for people who have already sold their home and first-time buyers. Cash buyers are also good prospective buyers.

Tips on selling your home in York

Another good idea to ensure that the buyer actually buys a house is to agree a completion date for the purchase fairly early on in negotiations. This will act as a focus point for both parties to work towards and should avoid any disagreements further down the line.

The next tip may sound obvious but it’s something that many house sellers, and buyers, often overlook. It’s imperative that both parties keep in touch because communication is key for selling success.

Should you have arranged a holiday then let everyone, including your estate agent, know where you are and how they can get in touch with you.

If there’s anything about the selling or buying process you don’t understand, do not live in ignorance – ask your estate agent for clarification so that you understand the process completely.

If, for some reason, you are struggling to sell your property, then you may want to think about the following ideas:

  • Installing mirrors will make rooms look bigger, they work particularly well in hallways and small rooms
  • Remember to clean the windows, on the outside and inside and replace lightbulbs that do not work
  • Place lamps to eliminate any dark corners
  • Do not invite potential buyers into a cold home – put the heating on or, if you have one, light a fire
  • Flowers and plants in a room help provide colour and bring it to life and also smell nice

Invest in selling your home and make ££££’s

One tip that has been the winner for many home sellers is to provide a nice smell in their home for when people come for a viewing. This may mean baking fresh bread or brownies but you could also brew fresh coffee too.

Finally, the last tip about how to sell a property easily is about investing money in your property to attract a buyer.

This makes sense and may involve refitting a kitchen or bathroom so it looks modern and fresh and it’s also something a potential buyer will not need to redo.

These are quick projects to complete and can be done reasonably cheaply – and they should certainly pay dividends in helping to attract potential buyers.

Don’t forget too that your choice of estate agent could be crucial in having a quick sale.

Redmove is a leading York estate agent

In York, Redmove are an increasingly popular estate agent thanks to many happy clients and they are growing quickly.

In addition to offering a reliable and impressive level of customer service, Redmove also provide a scripted video tour of the property for sale as part of their marketing drive.

The estate agent offers a cutting-edge service and this includes providing a micro property website which can be promoted by Redmove and the property seller across various social media channels.

In recent times, the way people sell and buy homes has changed and property sellers need a firm that keeps up with the latest trends and has a successful track record in selling properties.

Also, there’s no need to sign up with an estate agency for six months when you really need a firm that has a strong belief in its own selling abilities – which is why Redmove has a one week’s quit notice in its contracts.

If you are thinking about selling a property in York, then contact the property experts at one of the best estate agents around for a valuation and to find out what they can do for you.

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