Using an estate agent in York to sell your home

If you are currently looking for an estate agent in York then the best place to start is to search online or ask someone who has recently moved home for a recommendation.

The big attraction for instructing an agent to help sell a property is that they have the experience and expertise in their local market.

They also have the negotiation skills to deliver the best price possible and the ability of marketing the property to its widest possible audience of buyers.

Indeed, the estate agent in York will also have better knowledge of the local selling situation and know which types of properties are selling well in your area and be able to calculate a value for the property that will be realistic for a sale.

Most estate agents will already have a database of potential buyers, especially if they are working in York and they will also be able to manage the entire sales process so it runs smoothly.

When trying to find an estate agent to sell your home do not become obsessed with the fees they charge, which generally range from 0.5% to 3%, and be aware that the agent may be open to negotiation.

However, the most important aspect to finding a York estate agent is to focus on their experience; forget their promises and look at their track record in selling homes.

Ask how long an estate agent in York takes to sell a property

Redmove sell properties in York

As a leading York estate agent, Redmove can help sell your property

Potential home sellers should look at how long it takes an estate agent in York to sell the property; some are better than others!

That’s because how an estate agent markets your property is crucial to a quick sale.

This means that you will need to question how and where they will advertise your property – most people looking for homes now are searching online rather than in local newspapers, for instance.

Also ask whether the York estate agent will be placing a ‘for sale’ board outside your property because not everyone does.

It’s also important that the agent advertises on some of the more popular property platforms, for instance Zoopla.

It is also worthwhile reading through the small print in the estate agent’s contract for their terms and conditions. Crucial questions to ask include how much notice a seller will need to give if they aren’t happy with the service or the agent is not successfully marketing the property.

Finding an exclusive York estate agent

There will also be a clause in the York estate agent’s contract to cover your need for exclusivity or to use a second agent to help sell your home.

While some people may believe that they can sell the property without any input from an estate agent, it is advisable to see how well you get on with your estate agent.

That’s because building relationships and how they are handled is crucial to selling a property; as a home seller you need this process to be a stress-free as possible.

In addition, you also need your York estate agent to have your trust and be focused on your best interests throughout the entire process.

When you choose an estate agent to sell your home, listen to their advice carefully – they have more experience than most people do in selling homes.

This may mean that they recommend you redecorate, or at least add a little paint in some places, work on the garden and tidy rooms and declutter as much as possible.

Fixing problems in your home before selling

A reputable estate agent will also raise issues that may cost of money such as repairing or replacing windows and fixing problems with damp.

For the peace of mind that you are getting the best service and the best price possible for your property, it may be advisable to ask three estate agents to value the property and have a general discussion about what they will do for you.

Alternatively, you could check out the testimonials page on the Redmove website, a reputable York estate agent, to see why they have such a great reputation.

Once a property is on the market to sell, the estate agent will be working diligently on your behalf and they will need to arrange viewings. In many cases, it makes sense for the estate agent to have a set of keys so they can show people around when you are not available.

Also, some people selling a home may not want to place a ‘For sale’ board outside their property but this is to be recommended.

Arranging viewings with estate agent in York

When you’re York estate agent is arranging viewings, the home seller should be as accommodating as possible, even if it means getting up early on a Saturday morning to show someone around their home.

Different estate agents have different ways of working, some would prefer that the client is not there for the first viewing but is available for the second viewing. This makes sense because the second viewing is going to involve questions from a potential buyer that need answering.

Should the potential buyer then make an offer, do not be offended if they ask well below the asking price. This is a normal opening part of the negotiations, indeed if you are looking to move home this is a tactic that you could also employ.

The estate agent will know the positions of both the seller and buyer and will be able to help and offer advice in the next step of negotiations.

Many potential buyers want to avoid being involved in a chain which could see their house purchase being delayed by several months, or being scuppered by someone else further down the chain.

Some estate agents will recommend that the home seller offers a chain-free sale and that they move into a rental property until they buy a home to move into themselves.

Before the exchange of contracts is undertaken, most buyers will want to carry out a survey and if there are issues from it, then the home seller must look at them and try to reach a compromise via the estate agent.

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Redmove blog, then you’ll know from our series on ‘How to buy a house’ that the exchange and completion of the contract is not necessarily the end of the process.

In addition to working with the estate agent, the home seller will also need to work with a solicitor for the drawing up of the contracts to exchange.

Remember, if you are looking for a quick home sale in York the trick is to market the property effectively so the agent will not simply just place adverts everywhere but to accurately target the potential buyer via the Internet, mail-outs or even mobile phone alerts.


Redmove is an award-winning reputable estate agent in York with years of experience in selling properties of all kinds – contact our friendly team to find out what we can do for you to help sell or a buy a property in York.

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