York buy to let – the best location in the UK

It’s official – the city of York offers the best returns for buy to let landlords and property investors with rental growth of 26%.

That’s a remarkable figure and it is 7% higher than the next best performing location, according to CBRE.

One reason for this is the limited supply of housing and high demand from students and young professionals which has led to a strong market.

As one of the leading letting agents in York, here at Redmove we have helped numerous landlords benefit from the burgeoning market – and we can help you too.

There’s no doubt that real estate investment is increasingly attractive to a wide range of people – from overseas investors to those looking to unlock their pension pots to take advantage of the property market.

York buy to let offers an excellent investment property opportunity

And, as we already knew but which has been confirmed by CBRE, York offers an excellent investment property opportunity.

The CBRE report makes clear that investors from overseas have traditionally favoured London but with fast-rising property prices the capital is now no longer the best place for such investments.

Like other keen investors, people are looking outside of London to make their investments bring the expected rewards.

Indeed, CBRE states that over the last 12 months, rents grew by 26% – and yields have soared as well since property prices are around 10% below the national average.

Redmove is also one of York’s leading estate agents we have seen strong demand from buyers who are keen to invest in quality housing here.

CBRE predicts growth in York buy to let rents and yields

Indeed, CBRE predicts that growth in York buy to let rents and yields – that’s the actual profit a landlord will make from their investment – will continue to grow.

They also add that York has an unusual combination to make it a winning choice for a property investor: national heritage of historic importance, natural beauty and a great location for travelling to and from.

It’s also important to highlight that the supply of new housing in the city is limited while demand for it is growing.

Another important reason for investing in property in York was highlighted recently by real estate firm Savills who declared that York had the UK’s highest rate of capital growth.

For everything to do with buying or letting out property in York, then contact the experts at Redmove and we will be pleased to share our extensive experience and expertise to help your property investment in York achieve the best possible returns. Contact Redmove to discuss your needs on 01904 488444.

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